Azure Blue and Luscious Green

That is only one point of view …

One sunny morning, John and I would visit Cap Canaille near Cassis to talk about work, the exquisite natural setting would inspire for this. A nice drive from Marseille, the journey itself keeps surprising me, now in the autumn season with its changing colors and light.

A view of the Calanques from Cassis down to Marseille

Cap Canaille is about 394 m high and considered the highest sea cliff in France. The highest cliff or not, the views of the Mediterranean sea are spectacular and today they gave a cloudless picture of the mountain range of the Calanques between Cassis and Marseille.

Brave bikers – not afraid for Route des Crêtes, the winding summit road

The winding mountain road called the Route des Crêtes, gives a 360° point of view and shows how the landscape changes between towns. As it is steep here, I am surprised when people dare to take the challenge by bicycle. Once I noticed a couple of which the man rode a regular bike and the woman an electric bike. The woman was smiling. The man was not.

Luscious green and azure blue are inherent to the coastal limestone mountain range

With its unique location on the Mediterranean sea, between the Calanques and the mountain range of Cap Canaille, Cassis is blessed with a great climate for wine culture, producing its variety of rosé and white wines, while attracting visitors who come here to admire its scenic landscape. Just like us.  And needless to say, it never came to sitting down to talk work as we were both distracted by the delicate beauty that surrounds Cap Canaille.

Cassis is known for its fine wines and enticing natural environment