Yucca the Spanish Dagger

The bell-shaped flowers of a Yucca

  • Last month August was definitely the Yucca month in Marseille. Everywhere in the city and on its outskirts you could see the plant flowering, mostly in private gardens and public parks. Although I admire the creamy-white bell-shaped flowers as they are, I find the plant comes out well in black&white photos.

A flowering Yucca in the midst of a private garden

  • When I tried to take a more close-up view of a blossom, I found out why the Yucca’s nickname is Spanish dagger, or bayonet. My belly got pierced by one of the spiky leaves, and it hurt. But the Yucca is not poisonous, on the contrary, its fruits, flowers and roots are edible, although those pointed daggers can give a good sting.

The ornamental Yucca can stand pretty tall, sometimes up to 8 meters

  • Yuccas are more known as shrubs, but here in south France I have seen Yucca species as tall as a house with multiple trunks and they can take quite some real estate to make their presence. Originally the Yucca comes from the hot and dry areas of the Americas and covers some 40+ species. Highly ornamental, not dangerous, but don’t accidentally bump into one.