Agaves along the Coast of Marseille

An Agave’s flower-tower ready to bloom

  • Any time there is the opportunity, John and I make tours on his scooter along the coast line of Marseille or into the Calanque mountains, these are great times to fulfil my photography interest. Within a week, I took photos of Agaves which were ready to bloom, and I definitely wanted to see the flowers later as well. 

Agaves blend well with the Mediterranean landscape

  • I never had seen an Agave in full bloom, either they were still in the buds or the flowers had already withered. I anticipated white flowers but was surprised when I revisited after one week, now by bus, that they are yellow. 

Agave americana’s yellow blossoms, like a chandelier

  • The name Agave derives from the Greek word ‘agavos’ meaning ‘illustrious.’ The plant symbolises long life, health and fertility. The succulent leaves can heal wounds and the juice is used to make the Mexican tequila. For me, the sight of an Agave is art alive. Another giant and ancient plant that keeps thriving on earth.

An Agave’s chandelier of flowers at the Corniche corner of Marseille