Until the sun sets

Quiet volleyball at La Plage, Marseille

Gathering on the beach; Marseille

In the early evening hours along the coast line of Marseille, when the light becomes soft and the temperature goes down, the sea views and the sea breeze make the art of unwinding easy. On one side there is the area called La Plage with attractive beaches, a diversity of restaurants and the giant ferris wheel that can take you for a spin. On the other side is Corniche.

The winding road of Corniche; Marseille

Corniche, in spite of the traffic, is one of the most picturesque parts of Marseille where people like to sail and ferry boats must pass through, giving a perfect view on the nearby Frioul archipelago, and where the lucky ones have a house, or a mansion, on the Corniche hill. Beach volleyball is popular, happening almost all year round.

Beach volleyball happens almost all year round; Corniche, Marseille

Swimming along the Corniche road: Marseille

The Corniche boulevard is wide enough to let bikers pass, and for pedestrians to walk or sit down and become part of the sunset. You almost would forget the traffic that is buzzing along with you, but what gives, Marseille is a dynamic city where plenty quiet spots can be found as well.

Let the biker pass; Corniche; Marseille

Sailing near If and Frioul islands; Corniche, Marseille

Heading to the viaduct La Fausse Monnaie, dating to 1863; Corniche, Marseille

Such a quiet spot is the uphill Valmer park that gives even better views, like on If island that is famous for the great escape story of prisoner Count Monte-Cristo.  A beauty spot on the coast of Marseille where newly-weds take pictures and individuals sit down for reading … until the sun sets.

The Reader; Valmer Park, Marseille