Keeping Cool

Hikers momentarily exposed to the sun in the Calanques of Marseille

Fortunately, lightning, thunder and the much longed for rain recently broke the month-long spell of the heatwave, which was one of the hottest summers in Europe for decades. Although trying to keep cool, my preference was to be active during the day, and I went hiking, almost daily, in the nearest forest area of the Calanques of Marseille.

Pine trees beautifully protect hikers against the direct sunlight

In spite of the shade, the temperature in this pine forest remained high but the nice thing of its location was the sea breeze coming through from time to time that immediately uplifted one’s spirits. Many people, especially the young, would even make the effort to walk for about an hour down to the coast, to take a dip in the inviting cool sea.

Hiking in the shade of Pines

Besides a bit of perspiration and the true need for drinking water, hiking in this more shady area of the Calanques kept the body in the right condition during this kind of extreme weather. What attracted my attention the most was the continuous music of the Cicada orchestra, much louder than I could remember to have heard them at other times. With this heatwave, I realised more than ever how important and how enjoyable green areas are.

Coming back from the sea; Calanques of Marseille

Making music; a Cicada on every tree trunk