Coastal Colors – Emerald, Azure & Ochre

Emerald pine trees decorate the Route des Crêtes, between La Ciotat and Cassis, France

Azure and ochre, a no-fear-of-heights – view of Cap Canaille and the Gulf of Cassis

Whether leaving Marseille left or right, east or west, I love either side – the whiteness of the Calanques de Marseille turn ochre when going farther up east, or farther up west, while the blue and green remain a constant.

Most people stop at the major viewpoints on Cap Canaille, Cassis

On the east, the Route des Crêtes winds between Cassis and La Ciotat, with viewpoints that make you want to stop. Without transport, like John’s Burgman 650, it would be tough to reach the summit, for the long distance and uphill challenge. Some people manage on a bike, but on foot …, this is more of a highway than a route for pedestrians.

Route des Crêtes, Cap Canaille, Cassis

One end of Route des Crêtes gives a view on Cassis

On the west, the blue-coast train rides between Marseille and Miramas with nine stops in between. At each station you feel to get off and explore the town and its harbor and the exclusive beaches. That is one of my plans, chalking down three sea resort visits so far.

Fernandel Beach, at the Port de Carry Le Rouet, Côte d’Azur, France

The sea resort Carry Le Rouet is known for its citizen of honor, the comic actor Fernandel (1903-1971), who was born in Marseille but spent most of his life here, with a staircase descending from his home to the beach, which is now called the ‘Fernandel Beach’. I remember him from the Don Camillo TV series in which he plays a comical priest; he is known in Hollywood as well, acting in the movie ‘Paris Holiday’ starring with Bob Hope and Anita Ekberg.

The mini Light Tower of Carry Le Rouet

The mini Light Tower is a distinctive focus point at the harbor of Carry Le Rouet. The light is powered by some solar cells on the top. Around its corner, the coastline continues with pristine beaches and rock formations that extend into the refreshingly clean Mediterranean sea.

Inviting waters at the ochre coastline of Carry Le Rouet

The harbor of Carry Le Rouet

Planning to return on time to Marseille, I noticed, together with three other passengers, that the Miramas train was delayed for 30 minutes, and then .. for forty minutes. Consulting the Station Master led only to a confirmation of the situation and according to him, it even could take longer as the train was blocked. Oh, and there was no bus going to Marseille from here.

Platform 1 for the Miramas train to Marseille; railway station of Carry Le Rouet

I decided to go to the town for food and drink, and managed to be back at the station on time, as the train arrived exactly forty minutes beyond its schedule. The Station Master announced the arrival by coming out on the platform, and waved us goodbye. We happily waved back as we were on our blue-coast train .. that rolled again … to Marseille.

Red poppies everywhere, especially along train tracks