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Coats and Colors

It’s not too cold; Cours Mirabeau, Aix en Provence

It’s mid December and also in Marseille it is getting colder but the sun mostly gets through later in the morning often pullingĀ out a blue sky with it, which makes you forget about cold. My plan to visit Aix en Provence for its Friday art and antique market did not make it as the weather prediction for that day was not attractive. I went Saturday, with around eight degrees Celsius it was pleasantly fresh, as suits a Christmas season.

A quiet street in Aix en Provence

Walking through the cultural part of Aix with its museums, art shops and my favorite streets where the color ochre stands out, I noticed that the architecture of Aix is a little less ochre when it is cold and overcast, but as during the previous day in Marseille, once the sun comes out … things come back to normal. Who said it was cold? And nothing had happened to colors, they all came back, vibrant and sunny.

Friendship at the Four Dolphins; Aix en Provence

On the other side of Cours Mirabeau, the shopping and restaurant areas looked as during the summer season, all terraces were occupied, people having a drink, this time with their coats on. It was not less busy. Seeing that new terraces were being prepared for the evening, outdoor life goes on as usual … until it gets really cold.

Sitting on terraces with coats on; Aix en Provence

A shopping street in Aix en Provence